Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars tells the story of a young jedi master, Luke Skywalker, who is fighting all that is evil in the characters of Darth Vader and the more important Grand Moff Tarkin. There is also a budding romance between the princess and Luke, and an old man who dies but can still talk. He can never be seen again, he just can talk.

Darth Vader is evil, and pretty cool, and judging by his look has always been evil.

The Death Star was destroyed, and will never be seen again.

Gran Moff Tarkin is obviously the worst villain in the series.

3 Stars


MacBeth is a very interesting story dealing with how evil women can be and how they can convince their husbands to do awful things. Lady MacBeth is the true evil one here. She convinces MacBeth, who is a very nice guy I should point out, to do very evil things, and Lady MacBeth never feels any remorse. MacBeth would never do these things if it weren't for Lady MacBeth's pushing. She just keeps pushing and pushing and he only does all the awful stuff he does because she pushes him.

King Duncan is also a major character.

1 star

The Sixth Sense

This frightening and intriguing movie by M. Night is very scary. It deals with a therapist, who is alive, and a child, who is also alive, but the child sees dead people. The therapist is trying to make sure that the child is doing alright, but this is all balanced out with the therapists rough marriage. So things are tense, and the dead people are very frightening.

Haley Joel steals the show.

The plot seems a little too predictable. So you see dead people! What else?!

2 stars

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

This wonderful, feel good book, by Michael Chabon really show us what it means to have a friendship that can never be tarnished. We meet heterosexuals Sam and Joe, two adolescents from different backgrounds, who become connected over the most fascinating comic books.

They write one together, become very famous, and then Joe meets a girl.

Everyone is happy.

What a lovely story.

In the end, persistence and friendship will always last.

4 stars!